It can be a long walk home if you get stuck or stranded off-road for any reason. Whether it's breaking an axle or just breaking down, even the most seasoned off-roader occasionally needs help. Fortunately, that's where people like Matt come in, offering towing, recoveries, and rescues near Zion National Park in Utah. 

After getting a call about a Ford Bronco with a broken fuel pump, Matt's Off-Road Recovery team heads out to find the vehicle and bring it back to civilization. Hopping in their off-road Corvair wagon, a vehicle that's part Corvair, part monster truck, and all awesome, they hit the trail. 

The first hurdle is getting up the challenging trail which was recently washed out and filled with unpredictable obstacles. Matt admits he's never been on this trail before, but the Corvair wagon is up to the challenge. The small wagon weaves its way around boulders, up rocks, and through narrow spaces, making it all look easy. We've previously seen it pull a Hummer H1 through the rocky desert, but it almost met its match trying to rescue a Ford Super Duty in the snow.    

Once Matt's team arrives at the stricken Bronco, they realize it's stuck as well as broken down. They need to winch it out of a tight spot before getting it hooked to a tow line. To compound the issues, they discovered one of the front sway bars was broken, causing the suspension to flex more than normal. 

Eventually, they get the Bronco out and on reasonably flat ground, hooking it to the Corvair's off-road recovery line. Scouting the area, they discover a nearby road and head towards it, with the Corvair leading the way. The ending is almost anti-climatic as the Corvair chugs along like the Little Engine That Could, leading the procession of the disabled Bronco and another Bronco back into town. 

Throughout the ordeal, the Bronco's owner maintains his sense of humor and appreciation of Matt and his team's skills. He's also apparently a fan of Matt and his trusty Corvair because he is wearing an official Matt's Off-Road Recovery hoodie when the team shows up.     

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