If you enjoy watching disgusting cars get clean, then here's the video for you. This Fiat 124 Spider, technically the slightly later Spider 2000, spent 38 years in a garage. Mice made their home in it and wrecked the interior. Larry Kosilla from Ammo NYC has to wear a white clean suit and a respirator while cleaning the vehicle.

The Fiat 124 Spider features a Pininfarina-designed exterior. Power comes from a four-cylinder engine with dual overhead cams with a displacement ranging from 1.4 liters to 2.0 liters depending on the model year.

This one doesn't look too bad on the outside. Kosilla is able to clean and polish the panels. He uses acid on the chrome elements and makes the pieces shine like new.

The trouble begins under the hood. There are bits of acorns and lots of gunk in there.

The cabin is this car's true trouble spot. The seats appear to be in good condition, but the carpets are disgusting. Kosilla's response is to remove as many parts as possible so that he can give them individual attention and access to what's underneath.

The rear bench is the worst part. There's a giant mouse nest behind it. That also means there's lots of poop and pee. Kosilla cleans the cushions to the best of his ability but gets a big surprise the next day. A stream of urine flowed out of the area while drying overnight.

The situation is so bad that Kosilla puts the cushion in a trash bag and advises the owner to find a matching one. The section is too disgusting to keep in the car.

Kosilla just cleans the Spider 2000. The owner's next step is to get the engine running. At least the mechanic doesn't have to worry about inhaling mouse droppings while wrenching on the car. 

These Fiats aren't especially quick, but the engine makes a joyous noise. The car should be fun with the top down for a weekend cruise during the summer.

For an interview with Kosilla, watch this episode of Rambling About Cars:

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