Stellantis aims to make Lancia relevant again by working on three new cars: an electric Ypsilon replacement due in 2024, a flagship car coming in 2026, and a revived Delta EV scheduled to go on sale in 2028. In the meantime, the legendary Italian marque has already updated its logo and has provided an early look at a fresh design language with the Pu+RA Zero concept. The automaker's first car in ages is hiding underneath a cover… in the Metaverse.

Lancia has been named the Official Metaverse Automotive Brand of the 2023 Metaverse Fashion Week scheduled to take place between March 28-31. Inspired by its Milan showroom in Via Gattamelata where the revamped corporate identity was first applied, a virtual showroom will contain the hotly anticipated concept and the outgoing Ypsilon. However, the sports car with Stratos (and Fulvia?) cues won't be revealed next week as we'll have to wait until April 15 for the full debut.

Lancia sports car concept teaser

Beyond the new concept, logo, and three models, Lancia is preparing to expand outside of Italy by having 70 showrooms in 70 important cities throughout Europe. Not all of them will be dedicated stores as the plan is to sell cars at existing Alfa Romeo and DS dealers. Stellantis sees these three companies as its luxury brands, with plans to turn Lancia into an EV-only manufacturer by 2028.

In the meantime, the new concept due mid-April has been developed to sever as "the brand manifesto for the next 10 years." Stellantis hasn't said anything about launching a production version of the Stratos-esque concept, although it would be a great way to put Lancia on the map after being dormant for so many years.

Much like Lancia, struggling brands Alfa Romeo, DS Automobiles, and Abarth are all part of Stellantis' future as the automotive conglomerate has made it clear it doesn't intend to kill off any marques. In total, Stellantis has no fewer than 14 automotive brands: Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Citroën, Dodge, DS Automobiles, Fiat, Jeep, Lancia, Maserati, Opel, Peugeot, Ram, and Vauxhall. Fiat Professional and Mopar are also part of the conglomerate.

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