Ford will start a new chapter in its history with the launch of its first electric vehicle produced at the company’s Cologne plant in Germany. We don’t know its name yet and have only seen small glimpses of its exterior but there are now several employees from the automaker who have seen it in its full glory. Of course, we are talking about people who haven’t worked on the project and Ford is showing their first reactions to seeing the new EV SUV in the form of a short video (see below). This is the final teaser of the model before it is fully unveiled tomorrow.

If you work for Ford, you'll probably feel sort of obligated to show some love for the brand’s newest product in front of the camera but honestly, these reactions seem to be pretty honest and unprovoked than you probably think. In fact, regardless of whether these people actually like the new battery electric SUV or not, it is a very important addition to Ford’s European lineup, which will take a center stage at its Cologne plant.


While we don’t get to see the car, we know from previous teasers it will most likely look like a more rugged version of the Volkswagen ID.4. The electric SUV from Wolfsburg shares its underpinnings with the new Blue oval crossover but a good amount of engineering and design work has been done by Ford to make the vehicle feel notably different compared to its brother from another mother. In the marque’s hierarchy, the new SUV will slot below the Mustang Mach-E and above the upcoming electric Puma, which will be built in Craiova, Romania, starting next year.

The tech details remain a mystery for now, though it is probably a safe bet that the Ford EV SUV will share much of its performance numbers with the VW ID.4. This probably means two available battery packages and a standard single-motor RWD electric powertrain. An all-wheel-drive dual-motor version is also likely coming as Ford has also announced it has one more electric SUV on the way, a model it currently refers to as a Sport Crossover. This one is likely the more powerful and grippy AWD variant.

We will know a whole lot more tomorrow so stay tuned for our coverage of Ford’s new electric SUV debut.

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