The story of an abandoned Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 is one of mystery and intrigue. The owner disappeared in 2006, leaving behind his car, house, and all of his belongings. The car had been sitting idle and covered in dirt and debris for years, and it required a thorough cleaning inside and out. The detailing team from WD Detailing was called in to tackle the job, and they recorded the process on video for all to see.

Before that, though, a brief history of the car's owner. According to the video, the owner is said to have disappeared without a trace. Nobody, including his employer, has spoken to him since the day he got up from work and left. The company car he used disappeared with him, though his personal car was left behind.

There's also another problem: the abandoned house had been falling apart inside. To get to the car, they had to go through a maze of debris, which they did, and eventually found the red Chevy Cavalier sitting idly, covered in all sorts of things.

Mind you, the detailing work was tough. naturally, several steps of washing, using a clay bar, and polishing were done to restore the paint's shine. Also, the interior needed to be meticulously cleaned of mold, among other things.

Apart from those, the detailing team encountered some challenges, such as the Cavalier's rusted door and a broken window. They had to remove the door panel to fix the locking system, while the hood latch needed some cutting through to gain access to the engine compartment.

Despite these, the team was able to bring the Cavalier back to life. The car looked brand new after painful processes. The interior was cleaned and deodorized, and the exterior shined as if it had just rolled off the assembly line.

Now, there's one more thing left to do: to somehow find the owner and reunite him with his beloved ride.

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