Volkswagen says its upcoming entry-level electric vehicle will be as spacious as a Golf but as affordable as a Polo. Much like those two hatchbacks powered by combustion engines, the EV will receive a performance version. Speaking with Top Gear magazine, VW's Board Member for Technical Development Kai Grünitz says a "sporty version" is already in the works with front-wheel drive.

He went on to say the peeps from Wolfsburg haven't made up their mind about whether it'll be badged as a GTI or GTX. The front-mounted electric motor should be impressively potent considering the recently unveiled ID.2all already has 223 horsepower. It enables the concept to hit 62 mph (100 km/h) in less than seven seconds, making it just about as quick as a fifth- or sixth-generation Golf GTI. Flat out, it'll do 99 mph (160 km/h).

Volkswagen ID.2all Concept

When can we expect to see the hot hatch? Well, the regular production model is scheduled to go on sale in 2025, so the GTI/GTX is unlikely to be available until later in 2026. In the meantime, VW recently stopped taking new orders for the up! GTI but you can still get the larger Polo and Golf in the Gran Turismo Injection specification. The all-wheel-drive Golf R is also available, but all R models will go purely electric by the end of the decade. In the same interview with Top Gear, Kai Grünitz ruled out an AWD-equipped ID.2all performance model.

With the base ID.2all projected to cost less than 25,000 euros, logic tells us the spicy derivative will begin at over 30,000 euros. At home in Germany, the Polo GTI retails from 33,455 euros while the Golf GTI is 40,905 euros before options.

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