Cadillac's first battery electric vehicle, the Lyriq, is well within the 2023 model year. However, the American automaker hasn't provided any clue if a Lyriq V-Series model will ever going to happen. As it turns out, Cadillac's accessories website would be the one to give us a hint about its arrival.

Just hours ago, the Cadillac accessories website was showing V as one of the trim options for the 2024 Lyriq. The first of the screenshots below show the said dropdown menu, while the other one lists the available accessories for the supposed Lyriq V-Series model. Of note, the said V trim option in the dropdown menu has already been removed at the time of this writing.

Cadillac Lyriq V-Series Leak Screen Captures
Cadillac Lyriq V-Series Leak Screen Captures

We contacted Cadillac for a comment about this discovery. A spokesperson said it "must have been an error with our accessories team." However, the said spokesperson refused to provide any comment on whether a hotter Cadillac Lyriq is being planned.

For what it's worth, Cadillac has never shunned the possibility of a Lyriq V-Series, so there's a chance that it could be in the pipeline. In fact, Cadillac's Global Vice President Rory Harvey noted in 2021 during a virtual interview that a Lyriq V-Series model is something that the company is currently "evaluating."

"If you looked at Cadillac in the past, having sporty variants has been part of our heritage… and that is something we’re looking at and evaluating moving forward," said Harvey.

If ever it happens, how powerful would a Lyriq V-Series be? To know that, let's take note that the current CT4-V and CT5-V models in the current V-Series lineup produce 325 horsepower and 335 hp respectively in their base versions. The Blackwing models, on the other hand, are more powerful, with the CT4-V generating 472 hp and the CT5-V producing 668 hp. 

In theory, the Cadillac Lyriq V-Series should make around 500 hp. That's, of course, if it ever happens.

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