The final Dodge Last Call special edition model debuts on March 20, and the teaser campaign continues to build hype for what is shaping up to be an exciting machine. The latest video shows the evil leprechaun from earlier clips holding a jackhammer and pounding away at golden orbs.

As with the earlier videos, there's a hint about the Last Call. The display on the jackhammer shows "2,538 PSI," and there's a V8 engine inside of it. This raises the question of what the number could mean. Commenters on YouTube speculate the figure could refer to the fuel pressure or cylinder pressure. Others believe it's alluding to 25.38 psi of boost from the supercharger.

Dodge Last Call 215 Teaser
Dodge Last Call Teaser

According to Dodge, the teaser is a hint about the "model’s ability to harness and unleash mind-boggling horsepower."

The company is really keeping enthusiasts guessing with this teaser campaign. The last one had the title "Scream @ 215 mph," which seemed strongly to hint at the model's top speed. It also included figures like 105, 3.02, 2.98, and 1,582, but the meaning behind these numbers wasn't as clear.

Before that, the teaser "Density Matters" showed the big leprechaun weighing 7.1 pounds more than the smaller one. The company didn't give away the meaning, though.

In "Runnin' Hyde," the little leprechaun had an IV putting a gold liquid into the creature's veins. It then transformed into a monster. The speculation was that this referred to the Dodge running on E85 fuel.

In the first teaser for this Last Call model, we didn't yet know that the creature was a leprechaun. The red skin made us think it was a little devil with possible inspiration from the original Demon logo in the 1970s.

Dodge teased the final Last Call model under a sheet last year but had to delay the model's arrival. Division boss Tim Kuniskis said the team was blowing up engines while creating the model.

There's one more teaser video coming for the Last Call before the model's launch. On March 17, we'll get one more piece of enigmatic details about the mysterious machine. The premiere happens at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway as part of the Dodge Last Call Powered by Roadkill Nights Vegas event.

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