When we were kids, we badly wanted posters of supercars – and most of us got what they wanted. The 70s, 80s, and 90s (depending on which Motor1.com editor we are talking about) were all great for the supercar segment, but kids today have an even wider range of supercars to choose from. And getting a poster isn’t as difficult as it once was if your offspring is fine with getting a new wallpaper for their phone or tablet. But one dad took things to an extreme new level by building an actual driveable Lamborghini for his son.

The guy behind the ND - Woodworking Art channel on YouTube – a complete woodmaster who can carve nearly everything his son asks for – has finally shown some of his magic work. We first talked about his Lamborghini Vision Gran Turismo replica almost a year ago and in a new video, we can watch the process of creating the driveable scale model. Be warned, though – the footage attached at the top of this page is mesmerizing and could easily kill a quarter of an hour from your day. It’s totally worth it, though.

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Everything starts with a welded steel cage that is used as the basic structure of the vehicle. The drive axle with the electric motor, the wheels and brakes, and most of the suspension come from what seems to be some kit for DIY models. Of course, the chassis is significantly simpler compared to a real car but the truth is this driveable scale model is never going to need to resist forces nearly as powerful as on a real Lamborghini. Also, we doubt much engineering has been put into calculating the thickness of the steel beams, but that’s also perfectly understandable.

This isn’t the most impressive part of the build, though. Around the 4-minute mark, the skilled dad starts creating and putting together the actual body and underbody panels. In the video description, he explains he only uses discarded trees and never actually kills living trees to use them for his projects. In the next about 10 minutes, the scaled supercar slowly starts to take shape and it’s absolutely amazing to see how well the wood master replicates the panels of the Lamborghini Vision Gran Turismo. The end result is so much better than any supercar poster we had when we were kids.

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