We have to admit we were a tad confused when looking at the teaser image released by Mitsubishi of a new concept slated to debut at the Indonesian Auto Show. That’s because the “small crossover MPV” as it’s being billed by Mitsu appears to be almost identical to the eX concept introduced last year in Tokyo. To further enhance the confusion between the two, the concepts are wearing the same striking yellow paint scheme.

There are a few differences, though. The Indonesia-bound concept gets a set of roof rails and has reshaped wheel arches while at the back it seems to be carrying taillights that extend upwards on the pillar. The side cameras serving as a substitute for the conventional mirrors have been repositioned and most likely there are some other changes that we can’t notice in this darkened teaser image.

Mitsubishi eX concept
Mitsubishi crossover/MPV concept teaser

On the left we have the eX while on the right it's the new concept.

Although it’s going to be a small crossover/MPV like the eX concept before it, Mitsubishi says the cabin will be roomy enough to host up to seven people. Details about the powertrain have not been disclosed, but we won’t be too surprised if the yet-nameless vehicle has a pure electric AWD setup sourced from last year’s concept.

We will have all the details and a complete photo gallery on August 11 when the concept will be unveiled at the 2016 Indonesian Auto Show.

Source: Mitsubishi

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