Elon Musk's company bought the domain back in February.

“TeslaMotors.com” is now redirecting to “Tesla.com” as the EV manufacturer has finally completed the transition after acquiring the rights to use “Tesla.com” earlier this year. The web address was previously owned by Stu Grossman, a computer engineer from California, and at the beginning of the week the domain name and address were updated.

It’s not known at this point whether the web address change means Tesla Motors has plans to modify its company name to simply “Tesla.” Interestingly, although in the second part of the master plan revealed yesterday there’s no word of a moniker switch, Elon Musk keeps referring to the company as “Tesla.” As a matter of fact, you won’t find “Tesla Motors” at all in the “Master Plan, Part Deux” which talks about a pickup truck and a compact SUV, among other things.

This could be a hint that a name change is indeed in the works and the web address switch represents a first step. At the end of the day, switching from Tesla Motors to Tesla is not really important. What really matters is the rollout of the Model 3 since hundreds of thousands of people have signed up to get the $35,000 electric sedan. They don’t really care if it’s called “Tesla Motors Model 3” or “Tesla Model 3”, do they?

Source: Tesla.com via AutoNews.com

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