Part two of Elon's plan pledges to extend brand into commercial vehicles and solar cells.

The second part of Tesla’s much anticipated master plan is finally here. In it, Elon Musk makes some huge promises about the future of transportation. Tesla might be more than just a consumer automaker someday. According to Musk, the company could supply commercial vehicles and even run its own autonomous ridesharing service.

Among the biggest promises in Tesla’s latest plan are the many vehicles that the company promises are under development. For consumers, Musk says that the automaker has “a new kind of pickup truck” and a compact SUV on the way. Those additions would allow the business to have models in nearly every major segment, and neither would be below the Model 3 in the lineup.

Musk also writes about a semi truck that would "deliver a substantial reduction in the cost of cargo transport, while increasing safety and making it really fun to operate.” Plus, there’s a “high passenger-density urban transport,” which seems to be the CEO's way a describing a bus. There would be no center aisle inside, and people would summon it by pressing a button at existing bus stops. These commercial models don’t seem to be just the boss’s random ideas either because he claims both are under development, and we could see concepts for them next year.

All Tesla models will eventually be fully autonomous and that will revolutionize the way we move, according to Musk. The first step will be making the tech resistant to failure by building multiple backups into the system. However, the CEO argues that the current state of Autopilot is already safer than a human driver. Someday, “you will be able to summon your Tesla from pretty much anywhere,” Musk writes, and at that point everyone will be part of his or her own ridesharing company. When not in use by the owner, the car will generate income for you as part of Tesla’s driverless fleet.

Musk also wants to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels by making solar cells a widespread product. By merging SolarCity and Tesla’s current PowerWall, his company would combine energy generation and storage into people’s homes. Citizens would then become their own power utilities.

Musk’s stage-two plan certainly dreams big, especially the promise of at least four additional vehicles. But the charismatic entrepreneur has a way of getting things done. The transition from the Roadster to the Model S seemed implausible at one point, too, and look at how they turned out.

Source: Tesla

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