Didn't seem to know gaming and driving is a bad idea.

Using the people I live with as a highly inaccurate barometer, half of the entire world is now obsessed with Pokemon Go. It has consumed nearly all of their lives though, to my knowledge at least, they haven't gone so far as to play it while driving.

Now, you would think it's self-evident hunting for that Mewtwo you need so badly while driving is a terrible idea. But it was a lesson that needed learning for a player from Baltimore, Maryland. While staring at his 'phone, he blew through an intersection and crashed into a parked car. But not just any car. No, he hit a cop car.

Fortunately, no officers were in the car but, unfortunately for the inattentive gamer, the whole incident was caught on a bodycam, as you can see above. You can clearly see the Toyota RAV4 coming down the road towards the officers and drifting across towards the kerb.

It's a fairly stout impact. The RAV4 comes to rest a few yards further down the road, with the right-front corner completely messed up. The officers arrive quickly and check everyone's okay, which they are. The video ends before we see if the driver is arrested, but we would be amazed if he wasn't.

Going by the number of Pokemon Go-related incidents that are being reported across the world, it's wreaking absolute havoc. Be safe out there, people.