The biturbo coupe could serve as Porsche's fond farewell to the 991 generation.

Porsche is simultaneously developing the refreshed 911 GT3 and latest GT2, which should give wealthy drivers a lot to look forward to. We can see the turbocharged member of this pair lapping the Nürburgring Nordschleife in this fresh set of spy photos.

With a gargantuan rear wing and huge front splitter, the GT2 already looks at home on the famous German track. Portions of its wild body come from the GT3 RS, like the gills behind the front wheels, but the coupe gets canards at the corner of the front splitter, too. Porsche appears to flare the fenders even more for its ultimate turbocharged 911, and the intakes on the sides at the rear grow larger, too. Extra holes in the bumper should help deal with the biturbo engine’s heat. We don’t know much about the interior yet, but expect a stripped down, track-ready look. Several of these photos also show a roll cage inside.

The GT2’s powertrain is a mystery at the moment. We expect that it uses a tuned version of the biturbo 3.8-liter flat six from the Turbo and Turbo S. The previous GT2 makes 620 horsepower (462 kilowatts), and it’s unlikely Porsche would give the new one less power. One rumor even hints at an output around 700 hp (522 kW). All of that muscle goes to the back wheels, but Porsche’s rear-wheel steering system make things a little easier to control.

Porsche High Performance Cars manager, Andreas Preuninger, said the new GT2 would be a high-powered sendoff for the 991 generation. That timeline suggests we might not see it debut this year because the company still needs to unveil the refreshed GT3. Instead, look this biturbo terror's release around 2018.

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