He's sooo grounded.

There are many ways to get grounded. I mostly did it by staying out too late. The grounding usually lasted a week. But if I'd smashed a supercar's windshield I would probably still be grounded. I'm 32.

Now, it isn't entirely clear what happened here, as the camera is focussed on a pretty sunset and not the bright orange McLaren 12C approaching a crosswalk. Off camera, we hear the McLaren's driver honk the horn, which is followed by the unmistakable sound of a smashing windshield.

A second later, a kid with a skateboard under his arm sprints off into the distance, quickly pursued by the McLaren's passenger.

The driver actually seems a little nonplussed by the incident, taking a few seconds to take in what just happened before closing the open passenger door. He then drives off, presumably to find a parking spot where he can sort the situation out.

Without a clear view of the incident, it's impossible to know who was at fault. Neither do we know how the situation was resolved, if indeed it was. It's entirely possible the kid got away clean and even now hasn't been found out. Personally, I'd feel far too guilty about it to not own up.



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