Alexsey Reyes and Nathan Reeves were almost done recording their podcast when they were suddenly interrupted by an SUV that smashed through the building's window. Fox 26 Houston reports the accident took place last Saturday afternoon at the Tout Suite coffee shop in the EaDo neighborhood. The duo was recording their fifth episode of the "November Romeo" photography podcast before the older Chevrolet Tahoe made an impromptu appearance.

Thankfully, both managed to walk away with only a few minor scratches. Ironically, one of them can be heard saying "it got so quiet in here" right before the black SUV collides with the building. Worryingly, the bollard did snap right away. On the other hand, it partially did its job by slowing down the Tahoe. Otherwise, the outcome might have been a lot more serious.

As to what caused the accident, investigators have yet to provide details. Judging by what we can see in the adjacent footage, the Tahoe was sideswiped by another SUV, changing its direction, and ultimately smashing into the coffee shop. Logic tells us one of the vehicles ran a red light. There were other people inside the building but only the podcasters suffered minor injuries.

It goes without saying the accident could've ended tragically. In a worst-case scenario, the two podcasters could've been crushed between the table and the SUV. We have a feeling Alexsey Reyes and Nathan Reeves won't record their podcasts anymore by sitting at a table next to a window.

Everything is now back to normal as Tout Suite is already open for business.

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