After a record-breaking 2022 when it sold 13,221 cars, Ferrari intends to unveil four new or updated models this year. We are fairly certain one of them will be a spicy derivative of the SF90 Stradale since we've already seen our fair share of spy photos with camouflaged prototypes. Spotted on its home turf in Maranello, this test vehicle is different since it flaunts a large rear wing we don't remember seeing before.

It also appears to have a pair of ducts in the hood while the good ol' tape on the side profile probably hides additional aero updates. The video also includes footage of a regular SF90 Stradale belonging to Tim Burton. No, not the filmmaker, but the veteran YouTuber known as Shmee. It's a good opportunity to visualize some of the differences between the standard model and the "Versione Speciale" (name not confirmed).

Ferrari SF90 Versione Speciale production body spy photos

The wing is unquestionably the biggest change, a large aero element we also saw in a different configuration on a prototype of the LaFerrari replacement. Expect the spicy SF90 to receive upgrades to the powertrain that will likely enable the plug-in hybrid setup to deliver four-digit horsepower. The "plain" Stradale is already at 986 hp from a twin-turbo, 4.0-liter V8 working together with a trio of electric motors.

What else could we possibly see this year from Ferrari aside from a higher-performing SF90? Our money is on a Roma convertible and the 812 Superfast replacement. Your guess is as good as ours regarding the fourth car, but maybe a new car from the Iconia lineup to follow the Monza SP1/SP2 speedsters and the Daytona SP3. The hypercar is expected to break cover in 2024, so we'll have to wait a bit more.

As for the first EV, it's coming in 2025. Speaking of electrification, only 40 percent of Ferrari's models will have a gasoline-only drivetrain by 2026 and just 20 percent by the end of the decade. Meanwhile, expect the Purosangue SUV to gain a plug-in hybrid setup in the years to come while the LaFerrari successor will definitely be electrified to some extent.

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