With more and more cars getting semi-autonomous driving technology, there is an increasing need for legislation concerning what happens in case of an accident. One solution which could prove to be an effective tool is the installation of a black box in the same vein as airplanes have. That is why Germany’s Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt considers it should become mandatory equipment on all cars that are available with an autopilot function.

He believes a black box would help figure out who’s at fault in case of a crash by recording all of the data generated by the autopilot system, including when it was turned on and the time when the driver was asked to take control of the car.

Under the same proposal, it’s stipulated that drivers do not have to focus on the road up ahead or even pay attention to the steering wheel, but are required to remain on the driver’s seat to take control of the vehicle in case of an imminent danger.

The legislation currently being proposed in Germany is only a draft at this point, but it will be sent to other ministries in the country for approval later in the summer. It’s too soon to say whether it will evolve to become a law, but at least it shows some authorities are starting to work in this tricky area which poses a lot of difficulties for governing bodies.

Source: europe.autonews.com

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