For those days when you want to take a $230,000+ luxobarge on a fishing trip.

Posh SUVs like the Bentayga almost never leave the tarmac, but Bentley believes there is a market big enough to justify a Mulliner accessory for fishing enthusiasts. Billed as being the “ultimate angling accessory,” the new kit fits inside the trunk of Crewe’s first-ever SUV and has everything you need for a “successful day on the river.” Bentley isn’t saying how much it costs, but with the Bentayga starting at around $230k in the United States, you can imagine this new optional kit is not exactly cheap.

So, what are you getting for your money’s worth? There are four rods placed in bespoke tubes covered in saddle leather adorned with Linen cross-stitching. These snugly fit on the underside of the parcel shelf, while the carpet-trimmed side of the trunk is home to a couple of landing nets that come in matching leather bags.

The highlight of Mulliner’s accessory for fly fishing enthusiasts are three individual units covered in saddle leather. There’s a master tackle station, a refreshment case, and a waterproof wader-stowage trunk, all of which can be simply removed from the Bentayga’s trunk whenever you need the entire cargo capacity.

Inside the master tackle, Mulliner has incorporated a tailor-made Burr Walnut veneered drawer where you will have access to a fly-tying vice, tools, hooks, feathers, and cottons. As for the refreshment case, it’s covered in Linen leather and can hold up to three metal flasks and a bespoke set of china tableware to go along with the separate food storage compartment.

The aforementioned wader-stowage trunk is made of wood with a Saddle leather finish and lined with hard-wearing neoprene material to enable a waterproof environment for the waders and boots. To make sure water won’t cause any damages to the Bentayga’s precious trunk, Bentley will also throw in an electronic dehumidifier as well as waterproof boot-floor and rear-sill-protection covers.

The fly fishing kit is not the only new accessory now being offered for the ultra-luxurious SUV. For the first time in the Bentayga’s short life, customers can accessorize the model with a set of welcome lights. These are built into the underside of the doors and project the Bentley and Mulliner logos on the ground whenever the doors are opened. Should you want the welcome lights to project something else, Bentley says any logo or graphic can be specified.

It all sounds very fancy, but we would rather see the Speed version which we know for sure it’s coming.

Source: Bentley

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