Kia debuted the Concept EV9 in November 2021 at the Los Angeles Auto Show and is now getting ready to unveil the subsequent production model. Fully revealing images will be published in mid-March while technical specifications are going to be disclosed near the end of the month. To ease the wait, the South Korean brand has released a surprisingly revealing 30-second clip with the large electric SUV. We've taken screenshots to capture the details.

Numerous spy shots depicting prototypes have revealed the road-going model will echo the styling of the namesake concept. The official preview reinforces that, showing a boxy electric SUV looking like a Telluride that traveled back from the future. The intricate headlights lend the EV9 an avant-garde front fascia and appear to use matrix tech to individually turn off certain parts of the cluster. At the rear, the tailgate appears to be missing a wiper, unless it's tucked away underneath the roof spoiler à la Range Rover.

Kia EV9 production version teasers

While electric SUVs typically have a bulbous shape for better aero, the EV9 has an upright stance that appears to maximize interior space. Think of it as a Soul that eats every day at McDonald's. The flush door handles should help with airflow to unlock a few extra miles of range while the concept's side cameras have made way for conventional mirrors. The showcar had 22-inch wheels but the production version is believed to top out at 21 inches.

If a yet-to-be-confirmed leak is valid, the range will vary from 220 to 290 miles, which is not bad but not great either. The figures likely refer to an EPA-estimated range, so the WLTP numbers are going to be higher. Single- and dual-motor configurations are apparently in the pipeline, with 200 horsepower and 250 pound-feet of torque for the base model while the range-topper will have 400 hp and 480 lb-ft.

According to the same report, the 2024 Kia EV9 is going to cost from $56,000 all the way up to $73,000 for the fully loaded model with the dual-motor AWD setup, 21-inch wheels, and a 4,500-pound towing capacity. The quickest and most powerful of the bunch will allegedly need only 5.2 seconds to hit 60 mph, which isn't too shabby considering this will be a large and heavy SUV with three-row seating.

Following the world premiere later this month, the EV9 is expected to go on sale globally in the latter half of the year.

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