These days, it's rare to see a vehicle receive two modest updates in its generational life cycle. That's especially true in the SUV world, which moves at a very fast pace. However, that's exactly what we have here with the 2024 Audi Q7, caught on camera with its camouflage wrap completely removed.

That's not to say the new Q7 is revealed. This test vehicle still wears bits of black tape and clever covers in key areas on the front, hiding design details of particular components. Zoom in on the fascia and we can see the outline of smaller corner vents, redesigned to have more of a triangular shape. As such, the lower fascia removes some trim for a cleaner look. The grille looks slightly wider, but black covers on the headlight edges aren't hiding anything new. We believe the shape of the lights will remain the same, with changes relegated to internal components.

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Moving rearward, we can see no changes to the Q7's body between the wheel arches. Taillights are disguised in a similar fashion to the headlights – the actual shape looks identical to the current model, but elements inside will be updated. Minor trim changes are coming to the lower fascia at the back.

As far as we can tell, that's it for this round of updates. We've neither seen nor heard anything about changes coming to the interior, which is certainly handsome in its present form but does carry a slightly dated look compared to its luxury competition. Large screens and glass cockpits are the norms in the segment, two things the current Q7 lacks. We expect no changes to the powertrain either, which includes a choice of turbocharged engines in either 2.0-liter four-cylinder or 3.0-liter V6 guise for US shoppers.

Looking further down the road, Audi has bigger plans for its lineup and by that, we mean electrification. The current Q7 will likely be the last one with combustion engine options, but until its electric replacement arrives, a second refresh should keep the beefy SUV on the minds of buyers amid a very competitive segment. Expect a debut in the second half of 2023.

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