We're used to electric vehicles showing a clean pair of heels to exotics in a drag race, but even so this is a surprising and awesome sight: a battery-powered Mercedes van leaving a Ferrari California T and the benchmark Tesla Model S in its dust.

The van, named Edna, is the work of Silicon Valley automotive start-up Atieva. Packaged inside the van - a second-generation Mercedes Vito that was never sold in the US, oddly - is an 87 kilowatt-hour battery pack, churning out the best part of 900 horsepower. Which is a ridiculous amount of power for a van.

Then again, a van is a perfectly sensible choice, as there's lots of space for all the attendant wiring, cooling and computers. And the pointy-nosed Vito is one of the most aerodynamic vans there is, which helps when it comes to embarrassing supercars with a 0 to 60 miles-per-hour time of 3.08 seconds.

Atieva will, of course, be hoping it can sell its technology to a major car manufacturer, or even one of the big tuners. A 900 hp van is a neat party trick, but the market for such a thing would be, err, limited. Indeed, the company doesn't even have a factory yet.

But, if nothing else, Atieva will live forever as the creator of one of the best drag race videos, ever. 

Source: The Drive


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