Four decades later, the ever so popular supermini is UK's best-selling car of all time, generating a whopping 4,339,149 sales since 1976.

Ford is celebrating four decades since the original Fiesta Mk1 hit the assembly line of the company’s then new Valencia factory in Spain with a convoy consisting of an assortment of Fiestas. A total of 40 cars from all generations gathered for the fiesta which took the shape of a Dagenham to Brighton cavalcade, bringing together a wide variety of models. Some examples worth mentioning include an Mk1 Van, an Mk2 Popular, and a more recent Mk6 WRC rally car.

The Fiesta is a small car that has been generating some huge sales number, with European deliveries estimated to hit the 18-million mark by the end of 2016. It’s the best-selling car of all time in the not-so-United Kingdom where no less than 4,339,149 units have been acquired over the last forty years. If you’re still not impressed by the Fiesta’s sales performances in UK, Ford mentions that more than one in every 20 cars sold in the country was a Fiesta over these last four decades.

2018 Ford Fiesta spy photo
2018 Ford Fiesta spy photo
2018 Ford Fiesta spy photo

In order to maintain these sales numbers up high and maybe even hit new levels, Ford is planning to replace the current Fiesta which has been around since 2008. The next-gen is programmed to see the light of production day sometime next year and will be significantly different than the current model. Not only will it grow in size, but Ford also has plans to move it upmarket by increasing refinement and overall quality, hopefully without jacking up the price too much.

2017 Ford Fiesta render

We spotted the revamped supermini performing preliminary testing at the beginning of June and we also tried to image what was hiding underneath the camouflage. It won’t be an all-new car since reports are indicating the 2017 Fiesta will use a modified version of the current chassis rather than making the switch to brand new underpinnings. This move will allow Ford to spend substantially less on R&D and most likely the money saved will be put to good use to make the car plushier by installing more soft-touch plastics, extra sound insulation, and additional technology such as SYNC3.

Look for a premiere of the new Fiesta in March 2017 at the Geneva Motor Show. If that won’t happen, it probably means Ford will wait until September for Frankfurt.

Source: Ford

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