There are several people who have grown an affection for wagons – us here in Motor1 included. Mike, a new team member at WD Detailing, is one of those people, so you can only imagine his elation when he learned that the car they're working on was a 1990 Volvo 740.

The Volvo 740 was bought by the folks at WD Detailing from a scrapyard. According to them, it's already scheduled to be crushed but instead, they decided to clean it up and give it a second chance at life. They also discovered that the car had been well-maintained for up to 100,000 miles, which gave them hope that they could get it running again.

But first, the team had to clean this classic wagon first to get rid of the dust, mold, and debris over the last 12 years. The interior was pretty messed up as well as it had molds, which needed a different process to get detailed.

They started with the wheels, which they believed to be some of the coolest stock rims ever seen on a car. Then, the exterior paint, which was pressure washed, soaped, clay barred, and polished to reveal a practically pristine body hiding underneath all the accumulated dirt over the years.

They then moved on to cleaning the interior and engine bay, trying to get the Volvo to run in the process. The latter was successful, thanks to the new team member, Mike. He was also the one who cleaned the interior, talking about his affection for this car in the process.

With the 1990 Volvo 740 back to its pristine condition and up and running again, it's time for the team's surprise for the neophyte. As planned from the beginning, the aim is to bring the wagon back to life and give it to Mike as a gift. It was a heartwarming sight, and we can only imagine the joy Mike felt upon receiving the keys.

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