The Mercedes Sprinter is a great base vehicle for a camper van. We've seen this done many times before and we're back with another build that's worth checking out, courtesy of YouTube's New Jersey Outdoor Adventures.

In this video, Rick, the owner, gives a tour of his 2017 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cargo van conversion. The van is the longest and tallest model that the automaker makes, and it is four-wheel drive, with six wheels if you count the dually tires. The van is equipped with three Renogy 100-watt solar panels on top, providing ample power for his electrical needs.

The front part of the van is called the great room, and it has a lot of space. There are two Alpine mechanism swivel seats that completely swivel around, and a Lagoon table, which is perfect for working on a computer, relaxing, or having drinks or dinner with other people. Underneath one of the seats across the Lagoon table is a dimmable LED light, and there is also a 110 AC outlet in the cabinet.

One interesting fact is that the framing is supposedly expensive, so Rick made his own fasteners using stock aluminum to save money. The cabinets are well-designed and everything is done nicely, with a focus on minimizing weight.

Rick also installed two rows of L-track on the ceiling to store his things, and the van is insulated with thin slits, giving a classy look. The L-track also doubles as a workout station.

The power system in the DIY motorhome is made up of high-end components, including a 2000-watt inverter charger and a Victron battery monitor. The AC panel, S-Bar heater, and water pump switch are all accessible, and Rick takes the time to explain why having the water pump switch was important.

There were other several great things about this DIY camper van build, which were all explained and pointed out in the video above.

Overall, Rick's DIY Sprinter camper van conversion is a great example of what can be done with the right tools, materials, and expertise. But if you're interested in buying this DIY conversion, you'd be disappointed that it recently got sold for $129,000.

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