Bristol Cars, the 71-year-old British auto brand, has spent years teasing Project Pinnacle as its grand return to the industry. Now, we are finally getting a shadowy teaser, and the new vehicle is a retro-inspired roadster. According to Autocar, Bristol calls the new sports car the Bullet, and the droptop debuts in just a few weeks on July 26.

The Bullet uses the classic roadster combination of a long hood and short rear. The dark image appears to show louvers along the fenders. The windshield is tiny, and there are roll hoops above the seats. Even from this teaser, it’s easy to see inspiration from classic British droptops from Jaguar and Morgan in the design.

Bristol announced last year that the Bullet, then still Project Pinnacle, would use a BMW-sourced engine. According to Autocar, the mill is the Bavarian brand’s naturally aspirated 4.8-liter V8. When paired with the roadster’s carbon-fiber-intensive construction, the powerplant should provide plenty of power in a lightweight package.

The Bullet likely goes on sale early in 2017. The svelte roadster is Bristol’s chance to rejuvenate the brand. The company launched its last new car, the Fighter, in 2003, and the firm went into administration in 2011. The automaker originally planned to launch Project Pinnacle in 2015 to coincide with the marque’s 70th birthday. With so much riding on this project, the extra development time was probably worth the delay.

Source: Autocar

Gallery: Bristol Bullet Teaser

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