Duesenbergs are among the most coveted classic cars out there. These luxury vehicles were made in small numbers from the early '20s up until the time the company went bankrupt in 1937.

As such, seeing one in the metal these days is a rarity – a valuable one, really, considering that these cars fetch a lot of money at auctions.

That said, this particular 1931 Duesenberg Model J should be one in the books in the world of classic cars. The car, which had been hidden away in a locked and heated garage for over 50 years, was found by Doug Pray, a member of the family that owns the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Company in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. When he received the call from a lady who had the car stored in her garage, he was almost in disbelief. He quickly arranged to visit the location with his wife to examine the car in person.

Upon arrival, they found a 1931 Duesenberg Model J with a Murphy Body and disappearing convertible top, which is one of only 25 ever made. The car is considered to be one of the most desirable classic cars in the world. The garage was so small that the rear bumper had to be removed to close the doors after the car was placed inside.

From the moment the car was removed from the garage to its unloading at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Company, everything was documented in the video above.

According to Doug, the plan for the car is to get the car running and driving, then display it in its "as found" condition for a while before planning a full restoration in the future that's worthy of the Concours.

Will this classic barn find ever reach the auction block? We're not sure. But considering that Duesenbergs have been very valuable at auctions, even meeting millions at the hammer, we don't see any reason otherwise.

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