When you hear the flat, flatulent bellow of a tuned six-cylinder diesel, you expect it to be coming from a huge pick-up. So it's rather surprising when, in this video, a Dodge Charger hoves into view.

That's right: someone has swapped the Cummins diesel from a Ram truck into a Charger sedan. Why? Absolutely no idea, but we're glad there's someone out there who is thinking outside the box.

We've no idea how much power the motor is producing, either. Though it's clearly quite a lot, as the boat it's hauling seems to have as much of an effect as a keg of beer would on a normal Charger. Hellcat.

A second drive-by underlines the point. And the gulping wastegate provides the exclamation point. And then it starts rolling coal. Which really isn't what you to expect to see from a sedan. Even a Volkswagen. But it is awesome.

I can only imagine how often he has to wash it to keep the rear-end soot free.

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