The Nissan 100NX (or either NX1600 or NX2000 in the United States) was a compact sports coupe that was part of the brand's lineup in the early 1990s. This one has lived a very hard life. It has been sitting for 16 years, and the folks in this video decided to get the engine running again. 

Judging by the license plates on the cars, this Nissan is in Estonia. The T-tops are off the roof, allowing snow and rain into the cabin. Moss is growing on the seats. Also, the driver's side rear wheel is gone causing the car to sink into the ground. Extensive rust means the front wheels barely turn, and there are large holes in the body.

Under the hood, this car has Nissan's SR20DE dual-overhead cam, fuel-injected 2.0-liter four-cylinder. Despite the extensive damage to the car's exterior, things look relatively okay under the hood. It doesn't seem like critters are responsible for any wiring damage. Pulling the plugs and installing a fresh battery reveal that spark is still going to the cylinders.

The next step is rigging up a temporary fuel source. There's no way this engine would run on the 16-year-old gasoline that's in the tank. While cranking, the engine sputters at first, but banging on the fuel rail finally brings the powerplant to life. Meanwhile, a bunch of debris shoots out of the exhaust. There's some valve ticking, but the powerplant seems otherwise strong.

This video just shows getting the engine running. This Nissan is still far from drivable. The rear suspension appears broken, and it seems like the brakes need extensive repairs. However, many of the electrical systems still work, including the headlights, brake lights, driver's side power window, and some other accessories.

The early 90s were a high point in terms of the number of high-performance vehicles in the Nissan lineup in the United States. The NX, 240SX, and 300ZX offered three tiers of sporty coupes. Plus, there was the Sentra SE-R, and the Maxima wore a 4DSC badge, which stood for "four-door sports car."

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