The 1961 Lincoln Continental Convertible loaned to the White House for the personal use of Jacqueline Kennedy goes to auction in August at Mecum's Monterey sale.

Ford Motor Company loaned the car to White House Garage and it was used by Mrs Kennedy throughout the tragically shortened John F. Kennedy presidency. It came well-equipped with a 300 horsepower, 430 cubic-inch V8 motor, power steering, brakes, windows, and top, plus optional cruise control, and full-size wheel covers. Secret Service-mandated like an under-dash radio was also fitted, but has long since been lost.

After its tenure at the White House, the Continental was bought by the Steuart Ford dealership in Lanham, Maryland. It was restored some years ago.

With its Modernist styling, this generation of Continental has always been deeply, deeply cool. They're usually seen in darker colours, but the white of the Kennedy car really suits the uncluttered lines. It's unique history surely makes it one of the most interesting example of the model in existence. Cliché though it is, you really do have to wonder what stories it could tell.

There's no end to the fascination with the Kennedys, and any memorabilia is highly sought after. There will be a lot of bidders fighting over this.

Source: Mecum

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