For the past 75 years, Porsche has chased dreams on the racetrack and with its road cars. The anniversary is a milestone, but the automaker wants to make it clear it's not resting on its laurels. While celebrating its heritage, it's already looking ahead to the next 75 years, as it reveals on its YouTube channel.  

The video features the slogan "Driven by Dreams," which Porsche says highlights its essence. “We are proud of our heritage," said Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG. "It is the foundation for a successful future. We associate our heritage with innovation and progress – and continually add extraordinary new moments to the unique Porsche story.”

In the video, we see sketches of the original 356 and 911 models. We are treated to a montage of video clips of modern cars and vintage 917 racers. There's also the 919 Hybrid at the Nurburgring. And scattered throughout are 911 Carreras painted in bold colors. 

Porsche shows us classic shades of Mint Green, Guards Red, and Speed Yellow while boasting it has "half a million shades and counting." In a sea of cars painted gray and white, it's refreshing to see a company offer a slate of colors, including the Frozen Berry of the Taycan and Matt Farah's 718 Spyder.   

The automaker also makes it clear it's not done yet. Porsche defines a dream as a verb, "a place where artists, racers, and innovators come together." Then it hints at what's to come with a shot of the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo Spyder. It may seem strange to display a virtual car in a prominent role, but it may provide a clue. “A vehicle designed purely for the virtual world opens up exciting possibilities for us," explains Michael Mauer, Vice President of Style at Porsche. “Projects such as the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo are particularly valuable for us in the creative process.”

The placement of the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo cannot be coincidental. We'll know in time if it foreshadows a new electric supercar or Porsche's future design language. In any case, the video from Porsche makes a statement that it will continue making exciting, colorful cars like the ones that cemented its legacy.  

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