Whether you love or, um, not love Valentine's Day, this year Mazda gave even the most cynical car fans of the world a reason to be happy. After all, how could you not love a tiny MX-5 Miata made from chocolate?

That's exactly what Mazda Motor Corporation showcased on Twitter to celebrate the international day of love, but that's only part of the story. The automaker could've simply carved out a Miata-shaped piece of chocolate, added a badge with some icing, and called it a day. Instead, Mazda commissioned a choco treat with a positively ridiculous amount of detail that starts with a body easily identified as a current-gen Miata RF. Panels, door handles, and body lines are scribed into the chocolate.

Chocolate Mazda MX-5
Chocolate Mazda MX-5

But wait, there's more.

The interior is left open to make room for chocolate seats and a dash, created separately from the body and also festooned with detail. A header panel with vents and windshield wipers sits atop the dash, but this also means the body has a windshield frame with A-pillars and B-pillars supporting the roof. A white Mazda badge – presumably made of white chocolate – graces the hood. But the fun doesn't stop there.


This mini Miata rides on a legit frame (still made of chocolate). The transmission and driveshaft are easily identified, along with brake systems and suspension components. A separate exhaust system includes the catalytic converter, resonator, and muffler. Dual exhaust tips frosted with a touch of what looks like sugar exit the rear. Detailed spoke wheels with extremely detailed tires fill the chocolate wheel wells at all four corners. It's so good we almost don't want to eat it. Almost.

According to soranews24, the edible MX-5 was created by Kenta Hasegawa, a pastry chef of considerable talent who's also the head chef at Sucretier, a Tokyo-based bakery known for all kinds of sweet delights. Sadly, this Miata is not something Sucretier nor Mazda will offer for sale.

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