Company is developing four new safety systems.

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed the company will create a fleet of more than 100 research vehicles over the next four years to test and develop a wide range of connected and autonomous driving technologies.

The initial tests will focus on vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications.  This will allow cars to talk to each other as well as roadside signs and traffic lights.  The first tests are slated to begin later this year when a research vehicle will be driven around Coventry and Solihull.

Jaguar Land Rover also announced it is developing an assortment of new safety systems.  The first system is called Roadwork Assist and is uses a forward-facing stereo camera to generate a 3D view of the road ahead.  The images are then processed so the car can recognize cones and barriers that are common in road construction projects. JLR says the system will recognize when a vehicle is approaching a construction zone and then plot the ideal path through the construction site.  The system can even steer the car to keep it centered in its lane.

The British automaker is also working on a Safe Pullaway system which uses a stereo camera to monitor the area immediately in front of the vehicle.  If an object - such as a wall or another vehicle - is detected, the brakes are automatically applied and the driver is warned not to try to accelerate.

Another project the company is working on seeks to warn drivers before they can even see a potential problem.  The system is called Over the Horizon Warning and it uses radio signals to transmit vehicle-to-vehicle data.  As the company explains, "If a vehicle has slowed or stopped, and poses a risk to other motorists, it would send a ‘Hazard Ahead’ warning to nearby vehicles" who would be alerted by audio and visual warnings.

Last but not least, the company is developing an Emergency Vehicle Warning system which allows connected ambulances, police cars, and fire engines to communicate with passenger vehicles.  When an emergency vehicle is called into duty, the drivers will receive an audio warning and a visual alert which tells them where the emergency vehicle is coming from and how far away it is.

Source: Jaguar Land Rover

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