Walt Grace Vintage is our new favorite hangout in the sunshine capitol.

The U.S. – and the world – is peppered with interesting and surprising places to discover amazing cars. So it shouldn’t have come as a shock to us when we discovered Walt Grace Vintage, not so far away from our corporate offices in Miami, but it’s fair to say it was a happy surprise. 

The gallery space is a little unlike what you might expect to find in Southern Florida: a hip, casual, authentic feeling room, filled with automotive and aural delights. Expensive ones, to be sure, but probably better for the browsing because of that. Taking twin passions of well-heeled rich folks and blending them in a single space, WCV has an impressive collection of vintage guitars, happily decorating the walls and airspace around some truly stunning automobiles. 

The roster is impressive. Ferrari, Jaguar, and Porsche models – most hailing from the epic 1960s, but with key cars from many eras represented – flank the space.

WCV curator, Bernard Bohn, is especially keen on the racing provenance on display. “We have a beautiful collection of relevant and interesting collectable cars,” says Bohn. “Cars like this went to Le Mans… went to different international events, and won.” 

It’s a special place, clearly. Get a sense for the gallery in our short video tour, above. And if you’re ever in Miami with some time to kill, we highly recommend dropping in. 

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Walt Grace Vintage gallery