Not the first time Tesla has adjusted the size of the base model.

By: Sebastian Blanco

Questions about quieting demand for Tesla's all-electric vehicles continue to fill up the Internet, and a new announcement from Tesla Motors won't quiet things down. In a short message, the California automaker has revealed that it is introducing a new, shorter-range Model X. The new 60D has an EPA estimated range of 200 miles and will start at $74,000. That's 37 miles and $9,000 less than the next most basic X, the 75D.

In other ways, the new Model X 60D will be just like the 75D, with a 130 mile-per-hour top speed and a 0-60 time of 6.0 seconds. Order now and get it in late September, just like any other Model X trim level.

Just three months ago, Tesla scrapped the Model X with the smallest battery pack – the 70D – and replaced it with the 75D. It has been changing battery sizes for years. Given Tesla's recent tendency to sell "smaller" battery packs with some of the capacity limited by software, whether the 60D is really a 75D in disguise remains to be seen.


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