There are no reported injuries from this problem.

Nissan will recall 4,355 units of the 2016 Leaf and 2016 Sentra in the United States because the passenger side airbag could disconnect. Specifically, the American campaign includes 174 examples of the Leaf, which have build dates from February 24, 2016, to March 23, 2016, and a total of 4,181 Sentras with a production period from February 9, 2016, to March 4, 2016. There are also 157 affected Sentras and 8 Leafs in Canada.

According to Nissan, the wiring harness’ connector into the airbag can disconnect on the passenger side. If that happens, the safety device wouldn’t deploy in a crash. There could also be a partial connection, which might not allow both stages of the airbag to work.

The automaker discovered this issue during a quality inspection in late February 2016. Nissan requested that the supplier look into the problem, and the company found a fault with a machining tool in March. The two firms then figured out the population of affected vehicles. According to Nissan, is not aware of “any incidents attributable to this issue.”

Nissan will begin notifying owners in late July, and dealers will check for a proper connection into the passenger airbag. Technicians will replace the airbag module and wiring harness connecting to it on any affected vehicles.

Source: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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