Volkswagen has a vehicle to debut. Unfortunately, the teaser doesn't provide many hints about what the company plans to launch. Plus, there's no indication of when the model premieres.

The teaser video starts by telling viewers to turn on the clip's sound. The noise is the vehicle driving over snow and ice. The imagery only shows the model's wheels and the lower portion of the camouflaged body.


Judging by the ride height, this vehicle appears to be a crossover. In front, there are running lights that are below the main lamps. These strips run nearly to the center but don't actually connect in the middle.

There are three leading possibilities about what this vehicle could be. Unfortunately, none of them seem like exactly the right model.

First, we have spy shots of a refreshed Touareg, including images of it testing in the snow. Plus, the latest pictures show it with nearly no camouflage. The company uses stickers to conceal the changes. However, the headlights we are seeing in the photos don't match up to what's in this teaser.

Similarly, VW is also preparing a refreshed Tiguan, too. The situation is similar to the updated Touareg where the company is testing it in the snow, and these vehicles wear light camouflage. However, the headlights on display in the pictures don't have the LED strip that's visible in the teaser.

Finally, the dark horse possibility is that this could be the mysterious VW electric crossover from spy shots in April 2022. In the photos, there is an LED strip beneath the headlights that could fit with the illumination in the teaser.

VW's tweet says this vehicle is "coming soon." This suggests we might not have to wait long for an unveiling. Depending on the timing, the model might even be on sale in some markets before the end of the year.

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