The company installed the safety devices incorrectly.

Sometimes even hypercars need recalls, and Porsche is inspecting all examples of the 918 Spyder in the United States for a potential problem with the seatbelts.

According to the German company, the parts manual transposed the location of the screws that hold the seatbelt mount and belt reel mount. The problem isn't as simple as unscrewing the fasteners and putting them in the right place because the screws are one-time-use only, and they also aren't identical parts. Porsche reports "the function of the seat belt system could possibly be impaired in the event of an accident."

While the automaker is recalling all units of the 918 to inspect them, the firm indicates that vehicles with previous work on the seatbelts are more likely to have the problem. Technicians will replace the screws on the ones that do. The company will also fix the error in the parts catalog.

Porsche 918 owners have had to deal with a few recalls on their hypercars since its introduction. In September 2014, Porsche repaired five of them in the U.S because the rear axle control arms could break. The company needed to fix the vehicles again in December 2014 for defective chassis parts. There was also an issue in May 2015 where a piece of carbon fiber could damage the wiring harness.

Source: Porsche

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