We never get tired of watching videos of vehicles crashing, rolling away, or causing other mayhem on YouTube. Maybe it's because we're voyeurs of other people's misfortune or want reassurance that we're not the only ones who do boneheaded things. Either way, the videos provide an amusing distraction or a much-needed laugh. 

Here we see yet another delivery driver forget to set his parking brake. It starts to slowly roll away almost immediately after he retrieves a package and nonchalantly walks towards the lady getting out of her Jaguar. He seems to wave at her. Perhaps they exchanged pleasantries, commenting about the weather, which covered everything in a light dusting of frost and snow. 

What makes this video especially humorous is the lady's reaction, or lack thereof, as the Ford Transit delivery van starts to roll away. Maybe she assumed someone else was in the van and was moving it down the street. Maybe her morning coffee hadn't kicked in yet, or she was intently focused on the package. Perhaps the package was something she was waiting on. Or perhaps, it's something she doesn't remember ordering, part of a semi-conscious late-night shopping spree on Amazon. 

But before the delivery van rolls out of sight, the driver notices it quietly creeping down the hill. He springs into action, slipping, sliding, and making an amazing one-handed recovery to remain on his feet. The woman follows, package still in hand, as she joins the pursuit. Finally, the car's other occupant emerges to watch the scene as it unfolds. 

Sadly, we don't get to see this incident's dramatic conclusion. Does our hero reach the van in time to stop it? Or does the delivery van crash into a parked car, or light post, or gently roll to a stop at the bottom of the hill? What was in the package? Also, is the lady wearing pajamas or leggings? These are mysteries we'll never solve. 

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