Car designers are like the kids who doodle in study hall or take extra art classes. They constantly work with shapes and colors, refining ideas that may later appear as the curve of a window or tapered beltline on a future production model. Or perhaps they draw for their own amusement, a form of play or whim of imagination. For some designers, maybe it's both. 

That's why it's interesting when sketches like this long-nose hatchback surface. Recently posted on GM Design's official Instagram account, it was created by Geoffrey Richmond, Buick's senior exterior designer. The design is just a sketch. It doesn't hint at a new Buick model, and there are no rumors associated with it. For all we know, it's just an exercise, an older design, or something Richmond did for his own amusement.


As for this particular sketch, it's hard to tell if the hatchback design represents a coupe or two-door crossover, but it combines several classic Buick elements. The color invokes a traditional teal blue/green hue in Buick's palette. The logo is an older variation of the "tri-shield" design. Additionally, there are shades of Wildcat design cues.  

The Wildcat theme is increasingly prevalent in Buick's recent concepts and design language. Last year, Buick previewed a Wildcat EV Concept, a coupe that provided a glimpse of its new styling that will influence future models. This concept was followed by a sedan concept sketch that shares many of the Wildcat EV's design elements. Then there was a fresh take on the Wildcat, with a high-riding coupe SUV sketch. 

Some of this design language is already making its way into upcoming models, like the Buick Envista spotted recently testing in the US and the Electra E5, an Ultium-based electric crossover set to go on sale in China this year. The automaker is in the process of revitalizing its lineup, updating its vehicles to attract younger buyers in China and the US while introducing new electric models.  

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