News images show it off in all its glory.

The Bentley Bentayga is rammed almost to overflowing with gadgets. Consider the seats, for instance, which adjust electrically in countless different ways, are heated, ventilated, and massaging.

Then there's the stereo, which has up to 20 speakers. And four-zone climate-control. And a fridge. And radar sensors. And cameras. And a separate 48-volt system for the active roll control system. All controlled by no less than 90 computers that send and receive signals.

In other words, the electrical system in a Bentayga is monumentally complex, as these CAD images released by Bentley show. It looks like a rat's nest, but look closer and it starts to make sense. The car's outline and the placement of the major components are all clear to see.

The harness is also, by all accounts, enormous, arriving on a pallet the size of the car. According to Bentley it's really stiff, which must make it a nightmare to jimmy it all the little nooks and crannies wiring lives in. It's heavy, too, at 110 pounds.

No two harnesses are the same, either. With so many options available on the Bentayga, the same combination is rarely specified twice, so each harness has to be built for a specific car.

It turns out that, as well as being one of the most luxurious and capable cars there is right now, the Bentley Bentayga is also a marvel of electrical engineering. In a weird kind of way, I think these images are rather beautiful.

Source: Jalopnik


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