Mercedes-Benz is celebrating the production of its 22 millionth vehicle in its Sindelfingen plant. The vehicle in question is a red EQS 580 4Matic, which rolled off the production line at Factory 56 in Germany earlier this week. Work at the factory started in 1919 and it’s been the center of excellence for luxury car production for Mercedes since 1946. 

The Sindelfingen plant is the location where the automaker builds its most luxurious vehicles. These include the S-Class with combustion and electrified engines, as well as the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. The E-Class, GLC, CLS, S-Class Guard, and Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door are also assembled at the same production site. Mercedes is especially proud of the fact that the factory is highly flexible and new drivetrains can be quickly and easily integrated into the running line. 

Gallery: 22 millionth vehicle produced by Mercedes-Benz at Sindelfingen

"I congratulate my colleagues in Sindelfingen on the impressive production anniversary of 22 million vehicles. Flexible, digital, efficient, and sustainable: Sindelfingen is and remains our center of excellence for luxury-class vehicles in the global production network. Sindelfingen has an impressive history, while at the same time being ideally positioned for the future: the lead plant in the top-end luxury segment will produce models using the electric AMG.EA platform from 2025 onwards," comments Jorg Burzer, Mercedes executive responsible for production and supply chain management.

The Sindelfingen factory was originally established as an aircraft factory in 1915 and it wasn’t until 1919 that production of vehicles started at the location. The first model on the production lines was the Mercedes-Knight 16/45. In the 20s and 30s, large-scale production was established and Sindelfingen reached record capacities in 1966 when twice as many vehicles were built for a single year as in the entire period between 1946 and 1952. 

More recently, the plant built its 20 millionth vehicle, an S-Class S500 PHEV, in 2015 when around 37,000 people were employed at the site. The successor to that model went into production in 2020, followed by the all-electric EQS the following year. In 2022, Mercedes also started production of the latest generation GLC.

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