The next-generation BMW X2 will arrive with a variety of powertrain options hiding under the hood. Previous spy photos have captured the hotter M35i variant out testing, and a new batch of pictures highlights the electric iX2 variant.

BMW covered the crossover in camouflage and cladding, which distorts its shape and design. However, the automaker couldn’t conceal the powertrain as the photos show the EV connected to a Tesla charging station. The “Electrified Vehicle” stickers on the door were also giveaways, but they are also used on hybrids.

Gallery: Next-Gen BMW iX2 Spied

The iX2 features a closed-off grille typical of modern electric vehicles. Electric motors don’t require the same amount of cooling as internal combustion engines. A black, exposed square in the grille likely contains the vehicle’s various safety sensors and other crash-avoidance hardware.

There are not any clear photos of the rear. The driver reversed the BMW into the parking spot, getting the charge port as close to the cable as possible. It appears as if the crossover is wearing its production taillights, but they’re hiding behind clear plastic-looking coverings. We haven’t seen the interior, but it should adopt BMW’s latest screens and software.

A debut is likely still months away from happening, so there are a lot of details we can’t confirm. All signs indicate the next-gen X2 will ride on the automaker’s FAAR architecture, which will accommodate three- and four-cylinder gas and diesel engines. The next-gen X2 M350i will likely churn out over 300 horsepower (223 kilowatts), possibly sitting at the top of the model range without a proper M offering.

The iX2 could share its powertrain with the iX1. That crossover packs a dual-motor setup with 313 hp (230 kW) and 364 pound-feet (494 Newton-meters) of torque. A single-motor version could also be in the cards, which would be a cheaper entry point into the model.

BMW hasn’t announced when it will reveal the new X2, but we believe it will happen sometime in 2023. Expect to see future test vehicles with less and less camouflage throughout the year, with the new model expected to go on sale sometime in 2024.

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