Would slot between the Aventador and Huracan.

According to Automobile Magazine, Lamborghini is considering a new model which would be positioned between the Huracan and Aventador.

Little is known about the car at this point but previous rumors have suggested it could eschew a carbon fiber monocoque chassis and instead use the MSB platform that recently debuted on the new Porsche Panamera.  This would be a drastic change but the odd rumors don't stop there as speculation suggests the model could be a front-engine Miura with a 2+2 interior.


While that's probably enough to get the Lamborghini faithful into a tizzy, the move could help the car get greenlighted as it would likely lower development and production costs.  Besides, the model wouldn't become the first Lamborghini to ride on a Volkswagen Group platform as the 2018 Urus will ride on the same architecture that is used by the Audi Q7 and Bentley Bentayga.

In related news, rumors have suggested that Lamborghini wants to further separate the next-generation Aventador and Huracan.  Both the styling, pricing, and specification of the models would be affected but specifics are slim at the movement.  However, the magazine reports the models could be equipped hybrid a hybridized powertrain that consists of two different electric motors.  A 200 horsepower motor would reportedly power the front wheels, while a second 67 hp motor would be integrated into the transmission.

Source: Automobile Magazine via Carscoops