Augmented reality technology is becoming increasingly common and it won't be long before it reaches cars. Two years ago Jaguar showed off its Virtual Windscreen concept and more recently Hyundai demonstrated an augmented reality head-up display. And now there's this Lamborghini-badged proposal from Polish car designer Tomasz Prygiel, a graduate of the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, Italy.

Dubbed LV-426 after the planetoid in the movie Alien, Prygiel's design takes the concept of in-car augmented reality to another level, as it does away with conventional windows entirely. Screens and projectors replace the windshield and side windows, offering increased visibility and limitless augmented reality possibilities. Including a track mode that would allow the driver to race against virtual opponents. 360 degree cameras and an array of sensors enable autonomous driving, as well.

Beyond the technology, the hybrid-powered LV-426, it must be said, looks astonishing. Like a Huracan from the Judge Dredd universe. I particularly like the exterior screens that can display anything from messages to maps, and the radical rear aero.

Gallery: Lamborghini LV-426 concept

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