The 2024 Ford Mustang will reach dealerships later this year. There will inevitably be a plethora of special trims to follow, not to mention ultra-high-performance pony cars with excessive horsepower. Some of those won't be at dealerships, however, and this teaser from Ford Performance shows one of them.

Specifically, we believe there's a new Mustang GT3 race car hidden in this voluminous cloud of tire smoke. It's possible we could be looking at the next-gen GT4, but looking very closely we see top-mount struts supporting this big wing, extending forward into the smoke. This is a typical GT3-style wing, versus smaller GT4 wings with bracing underneath. Also, the teaser image originates from Ford Performance instead of Ford proper, suggesting this is a race car versus something folks can buy for the street.


But didn't Ford already reveal the new Mustang GT3? When the seventh-generation Ford Mustang debuted in September, we were shown a series of renderings depicting a collection of new Mustang race cars. The GT3 was included in that run, along with the GT4 but no information about either was offered. Furthermore, these renderings don't necessarily depict the final design, which is still in development with Ford's racing partner Multimatic.

An official debut for the Mustang GT3 is scheduled for March in conjunction with the Super Sebring IMSA/WEC weekend in Florida. The event spans March 11 and 12, though it's possible the covers could come off the race car a few days prior to race day. It won't be turning laps at Sebring, however. The Mustang GT3 will make its racing debut in 2024 at Daytona, and it will also take Mustang back to the 24 Hours of Le Mans for the first time in nearly 30 years.

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"Bill Ford and Jim Farley are racers and they are totally committed to having the seventh-generation Mustang raced by customers in every class possible, all over the world; it’s a fantastic vision," said Larry Holt, vice president of special vehicle operations at Multimatic. "I am proud that Multimatic has been chosen to help execute a part of that vision with the development of the GT3 and GT4 cars."

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