The search is underway at Volkswagen's factory in Wolfsburg, Germany, for unexploded bombs dating back to World War II. Construction crews found pieces of metal at four sites there, and they suspected undetonated ordinance was still present, according to Reuters

The local Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung reported that bomb disposal experts already checked three of the four locations and deemed them safe. The team would begin searching the final site in the afternoon on July 8. If investigators find an unexploded weapon, they would wait until Sunday to detonate it. The extra couple of days would provide time to evacuate a nearby neighborhood of about 700 people, and the factory is closed that day. 

Few workers are currently at the plant because of a three-week summer shutdown. "There will be no effects on production," a company spokesperson told Reuters.

The Wolfsburg plant dates back to World War II as a production site for military vehicles and aircraft parts. The Allies bombed the area heavily. According to Reuters, crews have discovered unexploded ordinance at the factory before. Today, the massive campus acts at VW Group's headquarters, and the company builds models there like the Golf, many of its variants, and the Tiguan.

Source: ReutersWolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung

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