Can a Superb beat a Porsche and a Ferrari?

Skoda is highlighting the performance of the range-topping Superb by pitting it against an assortment of classic supercars.

While the Superb has little in common with these classic cars, the range-topping model has a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 280 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque.  It is connected to a DSG transmission and standard all-wheel drive system which enables the car to accelerate from 0-62 miles per hour in 5.8 seconds before hitting a limited top speed of 155 mph.

Those numbers don't sound terribly impressive but Skoda points out the Superb is faster than an assortment of classic exotic cars which "have festooned bedroom walls" for decades. 

To demonstrate this fact, the company pitted a Superb Estate against a handful of iconic models including the Acura / Honda NSX, Lotus Esprit, Ferrari 308 GTB, and Porsche 911 Carrera. The Superb easily beat the models in a short drag race despite being the "biggest and most spacious" Skoda ever created.

The Skoda Superb 2.0 TSI 280 starts at £31,445 in the United Kingdom and is available in three different trim levels.  All come nicely equipped with heated leather seats, GPS navigation, and 18-inch alloy wheels.

Source: Skoda

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