The new truck goes high tech to make towing safer and easier.

Customers hooking up a trailer to the forthcoming Ford Super Duty can feel a little more secure on the road because of the new truck’s bevy of available safety tech. While things like blind spot monitoring aren’t new to the automotive industry, the Blue Oval is adapting the systems to work better on a heavy-duty pickup.

The Super Duty’s adaptive cruise control should make towing long distances easy. Like traditional systems, it can maintain a set distance from other traffic and hold a given speed. The Blue Oval’s tech also works when hauling something behind the pickup. The cruise can even activate the trailer brakes and diesel engine brake to keep the load in back under control.

Hauling is also safer with the Super Duty’s Blind Spot Information System. The radar in the taillights keeps an eye on what a driver can’t see. When towing, it can also monitor the side of the trailer for vehicles that might not be in the mirror.

Heavy-duty trucks usually aren’t very nimble handling vehicles, but Ford’s adaptive steering system combats this problem. The tech varies the steering ratio so that at low speeds the driver needs to turn the wheel less. As velocities increase, it then reduces the sensitivity. When the owners get on the freeway, lane-departure warning keeps them safe by vibrating the wheel if they drift out of the lane.

The new Super Duty goes on sale later this year. The tough-looking truck now wears a front end similar to the latest F-150. It also makes the switch to an aluminum body.

Source: Ford

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