This truck driver in China might be too dedicated to his job. When a car transporter catches fire, the guy tries to rescue the vehicles on board, rather than running as far away as possible. To make the feat even more impressive, he actually manages to save one of them. After a stunt like this, any employer would want to have this guy on the team.

Unfortunately, the exact circumstances here are a mystery, and the video begins with the transporter already ablaze. The guy throws a dark-colored sedan into reverse and drives it off the truck. Even though he's in a tunnel of flames, the driver isn't very speedy about his dangerous work. People have been quicker to back into spots at the supermarket than this guy acted to avoid serious danger.

The rest of the vehicles on board aren't so lucky. By the time the guy saves one, the flames are too fierce to rescue any more. He wants to make sure, though. The man gets out of the sedan and walks right up to the burning truck to get a closer look. The heat must be like an oven, but he seems quite calm about the whole thing. 

Via: Automobile

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